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A Punjabi Lady Misses Her Lover

My heart shattered when
he left me for a far off city girl
and said - do not shed your tears
I will forget him as time passes

Many springs have come and gone
The son he gave me is now a young man
He looks like him and bristles with laughter
at the silliest of the things

I cry happy tears when I see him
in his long moustache and pressed beard
under his blue dastaar. He dances bhangra
in a vest and long kurta, his feet in murgabeez

Yesterday was the basant mela in our village Dharian
Every one was in the festive mood. The music was loud
beating of drums, wajas, cymbols and cHainaas
Your son danced in the fare and I missed you.

The village damsels in cholis and churidaars
colorful as they are, wearing jhumkas and bangles
danced with your son in circles. I remembered our
first basanti mela, and I missed you, my sardar.

by Ravi Kopra

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