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A Quarter Past Paradise

A Quarter Past Paradise

The most precious thing to be had on this earth
Is peace of mind and calmness of heart
More precious than anything else
You may ever find
In any corner
Of our dying planet
Choking on fumes and mutilated by our ignorance
Yet our insatiable appetite for material excess
And our monumental hunger
For technological advancement
Darkens, impoverishes and obfuscates our world
Our refugean search for happiness without
Is an externalisation
Of an inner darkness

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Comments (4)

What an excellent title! And the content of your poem does not disappoint.The shadow of sadness touiches your thoughts, but they are beautiful thoughts nonetheless. As always, Sandra
paradise lost pain revisted.. daranjo you are so clear with the attributes of mans folly.. articulate and you drive home the point with a crucifix impaling our human soul...
A brilliant title Leonard and a highly accessible, emotionally powerful commentary on our much maligned, and yet still glorious world. RIP love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx
how well said, leonard!