MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

A Quest For Escape

Places you dispise
People you distrust
Look into your eyes
You know escape's a must

There is no way out,
You're in a hopeless mess
There is no room for doubt
Think clearly - do not guess

The situation's locked you in
And no one seems to care
Shun the world away
For it's none of your affair

You withdraw into yourself,
(It's the safest place to hide)
Take the pictures off the shelf
Lock your memories deep inside

Construct yourself a barrier
That blocks out the light of day
But make yourself the warrier
And be careful what you say

Be patient in your quest
And withstand all the blows
Know which way to point the boat
And which way the river flows

Your chance will come
As all things do
For all you know,
It's in front of you

Once you see it,
Do not delay!
Jump out of the pit
And into the fray!

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whimsical portrayal of self-loathing, escaping into oneself, putting up walls, barriers to keep the real world out... i do it too, only i use drugs.