A Question

A careful consideration of all things.
A weighing in the balance of experience.
A remembrance of treasured words received.
And from a discordance of events
a gem arises hewn of discontent,
It is a question heaven sent.

Containing all that went before.
And asking that, perhaps there might be more?
Limitless in its pure intent.
Is there any answer
that can match the scope,
of a question that the heavens wrote?

by David Taylor

Comments (11)

Great poem David, good job on this write!
Your poem is beautiful. The words moved me. : -))
Now this is an interesting and stimulating poem for life is quite simply 'Question upon Question, ' is it not..............Jack Johnson has a song called Questions which I love, and I love the way your poem here is worded as well......Thanks for making me think! ~`~`~` marci. :) ~`~`~`
Bravo! ! So beautifully written and thought provoking. Deep. I truly love it! Rene'
David, questions upon questions. Answers seem as distant as mountains that we all want to climb at time. Lovely rhythm to this poem. Just glided along. I loved it. David
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