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A Question
SS (15/03/1990 / In the Bahamas. (I wish))

A Question

Poem By Satan's Sibling

Why do I breathe?
When life is not in me.
Why does my heart beat,
When it was torn apart so long ago.
My blood still flows within my veins,
Like a sweet red wine.
Her blood does course too,
A cure for the poison within the wine I drank from her grasp.
The Arsenic dries my heart,
It feels as if it turns to dust.
So long ago, I did feel for her,
But those emotions died as I wrenched Cupid's arrow from my throat.
They bled out with the Red wine in my veins.
And I feel no more.

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Comments (2)

Amazing poem. It had the most brilliant beauty to me.
This was really a quite creative writing. It took a subject often discussed and made it brand new. I am much impressed by that. GW62