DL (28.2.91 / Israel, Tel Aviv)


Deception and theft.
Conducted to accept.
By officials elected,
To protect the interests...
Of their constituents.
Done at their best.

Lies told and sold well.
As a quality of life,
Slips from under manholes.
In attempts to cover a stench.
Reeking up the atmosphere.
Those once in disbelief,
No longer wonder to guess...
Who's behind,
The fumes they smell to sniff.
Have come to dwell,
Upon them dispelled!

With no one left denying,
From which 'house' this stench...
Continues to drift.
Sickening the minds.
Finding no exit.
To run if they could to escape,
The contamination...
Dumped all over the place.
Up and in their faces.
All races!

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Stars shine night, but also a human soul … Aspiration in verses the certificate of that we aspire to the best …