A Question

A question

Have you ever
Ever, ever

Taken off your shoes and your clothes
To go to, to the time you were, immature?

Have you been, able to be a child?
Of let’s say, eleven…maybe so…?

Now think of yourself and replace you…
With Omar, the Qader.

Now blind he is in, one-two eye (s) …
Why is that?

Replace him in that age and answer
By walking the same path
And fall in, the same well
And face hate, as he has.

And the words
As are said about him and addressed…
To, then a child, now a man
But deprived…of all rights.

Wouldn’t you be at fight…?

Would he have been blind?

Who is wrong?
Can reverse mean cure?

Try, try…try hard…to be him…be a child
Be deprived…can you judge?

I can…NOT.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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