GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

A Question Mark Religion

A Question Mark Religion

Do you have a question mark religion
You really don't know what to believe
So entangled by the traditions of men
Which Satan doesn't want you to leave
O you've been baptized as a child
And you hold that dear to your heart
But have you been baptized by the Holy Spirit
And of a real Salvation have been a part

Is the Word of God most precious
Or is it just a book upon the shelf
Is it the foundation for your faith
These are questions you should ask yourself
Have you left Him as the babe in the manger
And not as the Man of Calvary
What about the shedding of His precious blood
For the weight of sin...full sufficiency!

Your eternal destiny...is that settled?
Are you living in the Light of that hope?
I trust you'll embrace an affirmative answer
And not when questioned...answer...nope!
There's a life to be had...praise God!
That is only available through knowing the Son
Check out the Bible and find faith's foundation
Repent and be saved by the Crucified One!

The Gospel of John's a great starting place
In it's earlier chapters tells of Jesus with men
Especially in conversation with the ruler Nicodemus
Explaining the meaning of being "born again"
Let the Holy Spirit capture your thinking
And lead you as well to the question he had
And may "born again" leave an indelible impression
With sincerity of heart it will make you glad!

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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Gary James Smith

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