A Question Of God

Is that the time?
Has it passed by
so suddenly
without reason or with rhyme?
Has hair transformed
from black to white,
and life flown by
like day in flight?

Will God bequeath an amnesty
for conflict and for death?
Forgive the constant murders,
the constant theft of breath?

Whose rights are wrongs
and wrongs are rights,
turning night to day,
then day to night?

When the desolate eyes
of war are shut,
and the injured earth
appears as dust,
will mixed opinion still remain
and fight for all the others gain?

Sally Plumb

by Sally Plumb Plumb

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From black to white! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
the problem of evil. death and cruelty......how shall we explain....... so many ask this question. and you are asking God. very nice poem .. like the expressions like. Forgive the constant murders, the constant theft of breath? we shll never find an answer for the evil here on earth....... you are philosophical in this poem. thank you very much. tony
Good write and best work to introspect
A poignant comment. You express what I often feel. Thank you.
A compelling and creative composition that illustrate the ills of war in an incredible way! Well done my friend!
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