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A Question Of Morality
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Question Of Morality

What makes an action right or wrong?
Do we decide this consciously?
or do we simply go along
with accepted morality.

If you must kill to save a life.
You can do but reluctantly
because its sets up mental strife.
Which interferes with liberty

of action which is needed to
remove the threat which you perceive.
Although the deed will trouble you,
you have to act as you believe.

To shoot a man who means to kill
someone you love is justified.
Although some moralists will still
deny you the right to decide.

I think we act instinctively
when there is no alternative.
Remove the threat decisively
an action which I’m positive.

Should not be seen as culpable
A fact that recognised by law
each one of us is capable
of being executioner.

When circumstance indicate
that we must act immediately.
There is no time to hesitate
considering morality.

We act because we have to act.
We have no choice it must be done
I choose to see this as a fact
although it won’t please everyone.


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This concept of morality change from time to time, place to place and also on different places at a same time, It is difficult to decide what is truth and what is untruth, Still we can say that whatever proceeds from divine consciousness is truth, but then to know that whether one's actions springs from divine consciousness is exceedingly difficult........Good Write, , , , , ,
Some very wise words supurbly assembled. Ron
wonderful words there fine ryhme everywhere
rhyme scheme and flow are fine a 10 given with joy from mine Verses are thoughtful the poem is beautiful!
I am in complete agreement with you, and especially love the thesis of this, which i think can be found in the last 4 verses. A very interesting poem, w/ great flow and an interesting rhyme scheme.10/10
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