A Question Of Philosophy

When evil strikes
In fire and flood
Or untimely death by dread disease
We sometimes wonder “What of God? ”

The ancient Greeks
Long before us
On this very same question reflected.
Wise Epicurus put it thus:

“If God is willing but not able
Such evil to prevent,
Call Him ‘God’ still, if you will,
He cannot be omnipotent.”

“And if He’s able but not willing
Such evil to prevent,
God He may be, but I say
He is malevolent.”

“If God is able and willing, too,
All evil to prevent,
Why in the world should pain and death
Afflict the young and innocent? ”

by Pete Crowther

Comments (13)

Your poem is beautilf and reflexive! I guess that neither God knows what he can does with his own liberty. He is eternal, but sometimes, due to the world's happenings, he is more confuse than us humans beings.
Very nicely phrased. I think that living means always pursuing the answers to the questions we keep on asking.
The problem of evil clearly stated. Perhaps there are multiple Gods; some of which are good and some evil. I think when people talk of Satan or the Devil they are really talking polytheism even if they recite the Nicene creed.
I agree - read my poem 'Compassion'. Makes you wonder - but I guess it's for God to know and for us to learn the lesson. Linda
Lovely to read and great subject. For those of us who are not blessed/cursed with unerring faith, this just says it all. Hugs Anna xxx
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