A Question To All By A Kid.

What is that we want in life now?
Whats it after success in front of us bow?
What is important to us?
Whats worlds run for a goal fuss?

Why is it always important to win?
Why is it important for societies need to be seen?
Why do we worry about others discomfort?
Why do we not our problems sort?

When will I get what I want?
When will I use past lessons learnt?
When will I be happy enough?
When will I be get out of worlds do not do this cuff?

No one asks me what I want,
Its always what I can't;
No one understands my reasons,
Its always to them a treason.

Do we always need to stay in fear?
Do we always need to dissatisfaction bear?
Do we always need to be in others boot?
Do we always need to actors in life's shoot?

I want to rise up not as a fool,
I want to break the rule,
I want to live on my demands,
I want to write my life not on sands.

I should be understood by all,
I should be let to live and fall,
I should be allowed to be me,
I should be not asked my innocence's fee.

Let alone to have fun,
Be not all doors be shun;
Let on my terms work be done,
Be not be forced to rules learn...

by Ajitav Basak

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Anitav, such an interesting write..10+++