A Quiet Night With The Boys

Weekends weekends everywhere
And quite a lot to drink
The sobriety of weekdays
Is something that i think
Is balanced by those other days
When elephants seem pink
Monday was a sober day
And Tuesday too as well
Wedneday it got really hard
And Thursday felt like hell
Friday started peacefully
But then came Friday night
Which started off a weekend
Of not feeling too bright
Why do we even tolerate
Such obvious abuse
I spent three hours this morning
Just looking for my shoes
I felt quite young and sprightly
Last night at half past one
But come ten o'clock this morning
My head felt like a bomb
Had been let off right inside it
That clamouring of noise
When all it was just going to be
Was a quiet night with the boys.

by David Keig

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Avery clever poem, ah the demon drink; -)