A Quiet Place

I search a quiet place,
For reverent solitude,
One where I can fix,
My strained attitude.

I’m not in the mood,
To think or speak,
I feel kind of tired,
I feel kind of weak.

My brain won’t absorb,
The things you have to say,
I need a quiet place,
So I can find my way.

Back to this place,
Where I can hear your tune,
I’ll take a short detour,
But I’ll be back soon.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (4)

That's what I'm... you discribed in details what I need and what I want... Always feels I need those places and time to spend it at those places... Warmest Regards
It is in the quiet places that we meet poems. Thank you for sharing. Warm regards, Sandra
A beautiful write, such peace is so needed in the world, Love Duncan
Good use of words..simple poem...i love it..yeah we all need ME time quite often!