MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

A Quiet Rap For Poetry Teachers

Words, they ‘mean’ – just, what they do;
and a poem means – just what it does;
if it doesn’t do a single thing for you –
that’s it, for now; let’s cut the fuzz…

it may be called ‘the greatest’ poem;
it may be utterly true;
but if it doesn’t do one little thing for you -
just put it aside for another time;

and let's all rap'n'clap this memorable rhyme:
'poems ‘ mean’ – simply – what they DO…
(1,2,3, and...) ...for ME..(5,6..) ......for YOU! '....

and that’s the end of my poetic beef –
I hope you find that some relief..
so rap it with me, all of you:

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M, the irony in this stunning piece, relating as it does to the dietary habits of the sheep owned by Jehovah's Witnesses in a small village in Outer Mongolia, is superbly crafted. :) - POINT LOUD AND CLEAR AND YES YES YES! ! ! ! t x
Now this looks like a job for Shep Of all us cats, he’s da most Hep He might not be no Johnny Depp, But it feels so empty without Shep