DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

A Quite Questionable Haiku (American Style)

In for a pound, in
For a penny…'fraid to ask?
You won’t get any! !

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(cont.) ... it is goofy! ! ah, well, the site is FREE..............the KEY word. you SEE, i'm not in for a penny, or a shilling! bri :)
yes, quite. hey, i've been reading a lot of your titles, but not the poems. it has happened as i left a comment earlier today on one (one going into the showcase) and i left the tab open. when i came back to it, i really didn't 'cause on some poets' sites the page automatically changes to the page of a next poem and on and on and on, and i was trying to get back to where i'd started by just repeatedly 'hitting' prev. poem! (cont.) ..