A Race To The End

Listening to oasis late at night,
Thinking back to that long lost fight
What was I thinking, who would have known
From something so small, it could have grown
To a prolonged row that tore us apart.
Now things have changed,
I can feel in my heart.

Well I guess goodbye is the only thing left
So I leave on good parting apart from the cleft
You leave in my heart, a deep sorrow, regret
For the times that we’ve had, that time that we met.

I remember it clearly; I was drunk that night,
You held back my hair and I felt so light.
I would have kissed you sept for the chunks in my mouth
That bitter taste was left, I felt so foul.

I thanks you so much, but you still got my number.
It was wrong, by accident, what a blunder.
My friend told you later and you called me up
From there we grew, we couldn’t be apart.

Thinking back now I don’t know why
You could let such a small thing make me cry.
Why would you say that, straight to my face.
Your friends, they do, but I can’t help my race.

I didn’t think you cared, but I guess you do
So with that I say goodbye to you.

by Lau Jane

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