A Rain Of Dreams!

Once more a rain falls in its steadfast rhythm
From somewhere up in the skies hitherto unseen ever
But it is a rain of dreams this time and that`s a solace!

It kisses the atoms of dust and lets out a sweet cry
And it hugs the plains of sweat and pants for a while or so
But it leaves a print of its own at the end!

A dream blossoms out on the head of the Earth by me
And it next blemishes to fall deep down to the Seas beneath me
But, it is a dream indeed and that`s a feel beyond words!

My night ends leaving the mat wet and crumpled
And I wake up to the reality of dry shrubs of horrible sizes
Which grow in the desert of no rains and no dreams!

by M.D Dinesh Nair

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A dream that gives solace to the withered heart and when awoke from slumber the hard reality crashes you down!
Rain brings expectation Fills nature new buds and bunches of flowers