A Rainbow

Have you ever seen
A rainbow over the mountain?
It is like a crown
Put on its tip

by Rose Marie Juan Austin Click to read full poem

Comments (14)

A symbol of promise that He will come back again and again Giving comfort and beauty Spell-binding write...The imagery you created projects a aura of inexplicable beauty that only dwells in the heart.... made me see rainbow in a deeper perception...To my poem list and 10+++++++
It is amazing how a poet sees things different from what most see. A rainbow like a crown worn, or a ring given by the lover. Beautiful, rains, called megha in Sanskrit can be imagined as the lover sending a special ring for Earth, an eager bride, that he showers with his love.
Nice environment, feeling pleasant to read.
Excellent poetry. A very astute comparison between true love and rainbow. Simple and beautiful. Loved it.
Comfort and beauty! Colours in unity; Muse of the Rainbow. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Finely crafted imagery...very sweet poem dear friend...///
A spectacular poetic description of a rainbow!
A wonder romantic description of rainbows, imagining it as a crown or an engagement ring are the lovely poetic ideas. Well wrote Rose, a rose among poetesses.
No, I have never seen a rainbow as spoken of in this lovely poem. I love rainbows and you poetic vision of them enlarged mine and gave me an unforgettable vision of love and beauty in nature's arms. See, what excellent poetry can do. Thank you, dear Rose Marie.
What a beautiful poem po :) keep it up
A symbol of promise......great piece. Thank u, dear poetess.anjandev roy.
A symbol of promise that/He will come back again and again/Giving comfort and beauty.......powerful imagination! A wonderful poem so beautifully penned................10
An excellent expression, dear ate Rose....10++++
Great imagery and imagination. I have seen double rainbows.