A Rainbow In An Oilslick

What are the people saving for?
Stashing paper gold away within cold grey chambers locked
And kept secret from the world. Saving for what?
Saving to be saved? To fly across the globe in some hope of revelation
When the willow man of the garden can speak the wisdom of the ages.

We turn the page as the story unfolds
Forever young and never old
Here we are the fresh flesh of youth's bright and spirited curse.
The years are spinning beyond control.

Under the illusion
That greener fields await
Beyond sinking grey horizons
Will it come as a surprise
To find they have no eyes?

They are hunted alike vermin
Throughout this land of shadows
Casting arcane mirror images
Upon the sleeping reflection
Of a rainbow in an oil slick.

Gather your love within your shell.

by David Lacey

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