Space Exploration

Space Exploration

Grand Central, New York
Standing on the platform I look around, and find
unlimited space underground;
I feel relaxed, at peace with myself
looks like a place quite familiar;
I experience a sense of abundance,
unanticipating, I've come across something
that's in harmony with my psychic background

Trains of thought keep rushing
to destinations, many are on way back
I board a train to Poughkeepsie
an hour's journey, throughout I clearly see
a vast expanse of water,
endless assortment of hills, forests
I feel an innate urge for vast spaces
out there, and more on the inner domain.

On way back in the train
I look around, my eyes glide through faces
Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indians,
Europeans and Hispanics
Americans of different origins,
a few of the native inhabitants too -
defying the hard historical facts,
amid all unpredictability and uncertainty
I try to enter their minds,
and I do find
they too feel the way I do -
an urge to smell and inhale
an abundance of space, and fresh air
in lungs, as also in minds.
'If so, then why is it................',
I forcibly remove such doubting queries
towards my positive speculation
for the humankind, and
the need for space all around,
including deep down -
deep recesses of mind.

by chandra Mohan Bhandari

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