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* A Rainbow Inside - New Version 2010
PSH ( / Galloway, SW SCOTLAND UK)

* A Rainbow Inside - New Version 2010

Poem By Patrick Scott Hogg

The golden sun sets o’er the sea
Across the sand you walk with me
The stars begin to fill the skies
You are the Heaven in my eyes
As silver waves dance too and fro
In the moon-tide we ebb and flow

From the hearts of fire to the coldest star
What kind of love do you hide?
From the broken people at the broken bar
What kind of love? – a rainbow inside!

‘Beauty of heart is truth’ I know
Let all the hurt inside you go
We are only what we feel
Honesty and trust will reveal
We’re only living when in love
Will you be my hand in glove?

There’s a fire dancing on the river
Here and now, the soul’s forever
A spirit sings and calls your name
In your eyes I see it’s flame
O hold me darling till night goes by
Hold me sweet DARLING let me cry.

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Lovely piece, Paddy. So true - we're only living when in love. We're all rainbows inside - souls of many colors - tapestries of our life experiences. And we all desire to love and be loved. Written with deep sensitivity and insight. Linda :)