A Rainbow We Are, A Rainbow We Will Still Be

Poem By Carmina Abrenica

Have you ever seen a rainbow?
You might have seen a few or a lot, I know
But what exactly each color looks and feels like?
With shades in variance yet in some ways alike
I want all of us to appreciate a rainbow now and days ahead
So allow me to paint these colors anew, starting with the color red

The rage of a crimson hue
Ignites a fire of passion
Blood and life, me and you
I can feel the surge of our connection

Uninhibited. Yes, we are
Amid a dynamic range
Slowly nearing from afar
Desiring for a better change

Beams of optimism hold a promise
A promise to enlighten our chosen path
Toward a positive future, we harness
Open communication will be our lath

Knowledge and understanding we shall nourish
Steadfastly keeping our bond in harmony
Balance and justice too shall flourish
With woven values, we shall attain our longevity

The warm breeze of tranquility
Shall keep our souls at peace
As we recognize every authenticity
Unified arrays shall never cease

In the sphere of real-life dramatics
We are the defenders of our rights
Together, we battle conflicts
As one, we curtail even the littlest fights

Liberal ideals embraced and held in every hand
Shall inspire our sojourn with a crystalline grid
Loud and proud, we are like a marching band
Undivided, with every step we shall take the lead

Can you imagine the vibrance of the rainbow?
Indigo, violet, blue and green
Red, orange and yellow
And all the tones in between

A rainbow we are
Building relationships amid diversity
A rainbow we will still be
Sharing common goals and a reality
A rainbow we are
Breaking barriers in the rain
A rainbow we will still be
Singing one song in refrain
A rainbow we are as eastern and western rays meet
A rainbow we will still be
As grey clouds never to our defeat

How beautifully crafted the world is with such a rainbow
Where every color speaks of us
We, the unified array of hues shall ever glow
Brighter than a yesterday's monotone color was
And even warmer in the sunrise of tomorrow

Will we ever see this kind of rainbow?
It's for you, for me and for us to know
But just in case you might not see one now and days ahead
I shall repaint your minds and hearts, starting again with the color red


Comments about A Rainbow We Are, A Rainbow We Will Still Be

A masterfully made significant poem, dear ate Carmi....10++++

5,0 out of 5
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