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A Raindropp For You
LT (May 12,1984 / Fort Worth, Texas)

A Raindropp For You

Poem By Lee Tran

Can you smell the rain, crescending
Little drops beaded on your face,
Though I see differently with my own eyes,
A twinkling jewel under gray skies,
Golden light to my heart within,
A kiss in the rain unbroken.

Fast nor slow the tears fall,
Like a soft drip from a creek,
Calmly meandering towards the lake,
A lake of diamonds gleaming under the sun,
You and I hand in hand run,
Together in the rain untouched.

Happiness is only a tear dropp away,
This is ours for the taken, cherish the moment,
I promise you love for my life,
Please stay with me under the mists,
Kiss me with your precious lips,
As we dance in the rain under sunny skies...

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Comments (1)

I too think that's a beautiful metaphor. A real love poem, Lee, original, I think. A couple very small things: Is 'crescending' correct? And the idiom is, 'our for the takING'. Nice writing!