A Rainy Day

On the summit the sun was shining,
And whosoever dared to get outside,
The sun burnt one and fainted by scorching,
And his impact stretched to the world wide,
From the sun, everyone was seeking leisure,
And wished to get in the cloudy pleasure.

In haste the wind came to the cloud,
And against the sun, they conspired,
And were keen to cow down his proud,
To all the vapours, the wind conspired,
Bewildered I turned my head up and ken,
The weather changed at all of sudden.

All the clouds made a ceiling before the blue surface,
And the puzzled sun went behind,
And till the dark night showed not his face,
Then the sky seemed really blind,
The lovely, lovely sweet wind blew,
And it began drizzling like dew.

With lightening and thunder it began to rain,
A moment passed, it became like a curtain,
And was alive every dead creature on the land,
Enjoyed all in the ocean and on the sand,
All of them thanked to their kind God,
And began singing hymn of their Lord.

by Mohammad Muzzammil

Comments (21)

I love rainy days. This is wonderful the way you describe it...great poem!
I can hear the rain singing now and it beautiful voice come from this poem, i thought it came from the rain hahaha i mean this writing really has something cool inside, like the rain offers to the ground.. :) Keep it up my friend_Unwritten Soul
This is a really good read thanks for the invite :)
Rain lashing everywhere... al-muzzammil hain shabd yahan bheege palken laut ke aaye kahan kabhi to damaan me aaye ek nayi kashmakash yeh farmaan, yeh baarish ek aisi aaghaaz hai ye jabaaz boondo ki awaaz, yeh chamakti bijli yeh bheega chaman, yeh bheega aasmaan, paimane-dil aur dastaan-e-ruksaan....bas yehi to hai sab kuch, yeh lehre, yeh shabd, yeh shakhs, yeh aashiqana manzar jahaan wonderful..rain could not have been more beautiful with incriminating diseases and insects and muds and obstacles and water logging than your views together.
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