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A Ramble.
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

A Ramble.

Am I the only one, who's scared?
In fear of losing theirself, their identity
Becoming something they didn't mean to be
An anathema of their youth?

Do You also yearn for those times
When your excited self screamed
'I'm going to be! ' 'I will find' 'I won't'! ! !
Does it seem so long ago?

Do you wake up feeling old?
And unfulfilled, and suspecting
That it's too late, time has passed by
There is nothing you can do?

As you look in the mirror and see
Another line, that furrowed brow
What do you think of now?
Do you yearn for what might have been?

Yeah, sure you've loved and lost
Sure, you've counted the cost
And yes, you're happy, you love your home.
But could there be more?

Should you be thankful you're 'content'
That word, when others look on
'Doesn't she have a great life'
No worries, no strife, ho-hum.

Geeze, I must be selfish
I must be an ogre, a fool
An impossible dreamer, fishing
For wishes that aren't real

Do you ask the stars for answers?
Do you seek blood around the moon?
Do you wonder if the wise old owl
In the darkness, hoots to you?

I guess our destiny is simply
What we make it, and nothing more
Only ourselves are truly to blame
If we still seek the perfect cure.

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Comments (4)

Michelle, no ramble, but the precise way a lot of us feel as we get older day by day. I could see a lot of myself in this poem. Beautifully composed and hit the bulls-eye. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Excellent, not a ramble and yes, have the same fears and doubts and hopes~~~~~~~~ c'est la vie, for many of us I think, as long as we feel, that is..~~~~ (avongal) marci. :)
Good stuff, Michelle... I didn't think it 'rambled' at all. Well composed and thought out! Brian
The LARGE cannot be satisfied by the SMALL. Love David