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A Rambling Vibe!
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Rambling Vibe!

Unburden thy heart oh fair Lady
We shall enlighten things gone shady
Let us talk and walk a mile
I like your snicker when you smile

Fair maiden of truth stay at my side
In you I trust I shalt never hide
Please clasp my hand forever more
You 'and I shall walk through chosen door

Times of uncertainty we shall en dour
In doubt of moment we share a'more
Fair maiden unseen cling unto me
For you're the better half of thee

The wholeness to my less unshown
The completeness to my soul unknown
For without thee here by my side
Like Romeo...I have laid down and died

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Comments (8)

How you manufacture and make a fresh use of used words and ideas! This is brilliant. Something so classic yet so new, it stands out and prevent my personal 'objective criticism' from crippling the poem a bit. I admit. You managed to sustain the glutinous relationship of classic and modern poetry in your poem. I'll keep reading. Thanks- Daffodil
Nice write. The title of this one match with the story being told.
I catch the drift of this one, But I think it sticks in places, Not up to your usual standard.
Rambling it is not. Touching and well penned it is. I'm looking forward to seeing more. t x
Geoff, Duncan was right top marks, I can see that you were having dinner with the Bard. I just loved the Shakespear approach in this poem because I am a great fan of the Bard and this poem is perfect of his work, great write Cheers Sylvie
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