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A Random Act Of Kindness (2) (Lifting The Bus)

A 33-year-old woman was knocked down by a car in an accident.
She was 7 month pregnant.
She got stuck,
under a big school bus.
Immediately about 30 people gathered,
and lifted the bus to release her.
She was taken to hospital to have Caesarian Operation to deliver,
a male baby who was premature.
But the woman died of the injury later.

All this happened in New York city,
where the traffic usually is heavy and busy.
The vehicle hitting her was driven by a 72-year-old driver,
who said the brake broke and was in disorder.

Kudos for the New Yorker,
no matter what the skin colour,
in case of emergency they give a helping hand.
They are truely the good Samaritans.

(based on true story)

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NEW YORK CITY has a funny way like that, then people will just stand and watch a knifing eating ice cream