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A Random Act Of Kindness (3) (Preventing Suicide.)

At mid-night a woman went into a shop.
A bottle of alcohol and charcoal she bought.
At check-out line she looked sad, depressed and hopeless.
She was noticed by a man at her back.
He saw in her face some suicidal tendency.
She went home by riding a taxi.
He wrote down the taxi number,
and called the police saying she might be a killer.
The police contacted the taxi company to get help,
from the driver of that cab.
The driver reported to police of her address.
The police raided her residential flat.
She was found lying on the floor semi-conscious.
She was weak and breathing a shallow slow breath.
An empty alcohol bottle
and burning charcoal were beside her.
She was saved before she died
by a stranger with a sharp eagle eye.

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Yes, sometimes we can prevent such a drastic course of action as suicide, if we catch our intuitions hints, as he did. It can be just a reassuring note or call that saves a life, or it can be a combination of actions put into play by strangers, who are just doing their job, and what a difficult job they do. Hopefully this woman's remaining life, will be happiness found in other acts of kindness. A good lesson for us all. Smiling at you Tai