CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

'What Would You Leave Me? '

What would you leave me, if you went away?
Would it be all your love, in my heart that would stay?
And the memories of you until I joined you one day.
What would you leave me, if you went away?

Would it be of the times we had together I'd hold?
All that we shared, until we grew old.
And of times that we laughed and cried of the things that we did say.
Oh, what would you leave me if you went away?

All that I have, I would gladly now rid,
For the love, that I have is all one can give.
What would you leave me, if you went away?
I will know in my heart, when it comes to that day.

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I love the action in this poem! I love your poems because I can relate to them!
i lovee this lol. it's so rythmatic..
: D hehe gd one 10++ ur work so great n different
a very fun and odd poem, i liked it.
It is a poem with free verses. Simile is used very frequently : 'It's a cycle/Like a psycho' and 'useless/like a woodchuck toothless' '' shade lemur/Like a renegade femur''. in order to enhance the character of the person of the poem, that the author is willing to dig a little deeper, as a painting in which the face is not drawn, but only shadows appear. We see climax, here, like 'We'll fight y'know/til the knight go/and the fright blow'.The poem has an abstract meaning, like 'He's truthless/cause he ruthless/and useless/like a woodchuck toothless''.I like it.10+
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