CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.3 (C) 4-27-09

So I’m super
Like trooper
Left in a stupor
Cause I was hit on the head
Like Koopa
More aroused then Bowser
Kidnap the Princess
While the P.I. just says Wowser
I found her
Using the little dude in the red
But then I switch to the Green
Cause the other one was dead
But I did it on purpose
Man I worship the Green
Like my Rhymes does to Verses
They put me Versus
The worse bit
Per hit
Kong’s Donkey
Always sendin me to the dirt pit
Am I wrong for playing pong
From night til dawn
Taken em sky high
As my will hold strong
The Atari 2600
I’m wonderin
If I should chase her
While the silly chick runnin
Choppin niggaz up like Shinobi
Not once or twice but Trice
And Obi hold his wand like Kenobi
Taste my brute force I’m the one
Cause my fist is Metallica
Now I’m done attackin ya
But I will get back to ya
And if Aquarius
I’ll blitz you in the 5th Dimension
Like Battlestar Galactica
Oh no wait that was to be a Stargate pun
I’m still done
No more evil just having a little fun
Destoy with 100,000 soldiers like
Attila the Hun
These Rhymes just pop into my head
Never once have I planned em
This is a day in the life of my mind
But the words are at random

Copyright (c) 4-27-09

by Corey Threet

Comments (8)

ur pomes r never endind. Ur writing is one of the best. I love readig ur poems. God bless u........
this is so fun. i like it hehe. btw. i like green too! <3
hell ya! ! ! i'm not a gamer but you put there man. you are definetly a writer.. i actually have FUN reading tour poems....
a fun poem with good rhyming
Hahahhaha I love your rhymes Theres just no end They hit me like the fire that bends Giggles taking my smile to a whole new level Lets just see where this is to comprehend Great job^^ never stop writing :)
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