A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.7 (C) 8-22-09

I keep niggas cut in half like they was in a chop site
I walk down the street daily and the sun is my spotlight
I am the manual for success and if you cool I’ll give you the recipe
So frightenin with my rhymes even my shadow’s scared to walk next to me
Not to brag but when I come around the block it's like a fully corroded palooza
Goin against me is like playin russian roulette with a fully loaded bazooka
See these stupids politics are just many bloodsuckin creatures
Little nasty hateful niggas that always come back a double feature
I’m busy creatin graffiti and so I try and brush up a design
I did it in a sequence 4 5 6 7 8 and 9
I remember standin there at 4: 05 6 seconds after the minute
July eighth 2009 was the minute I really started to spit it it was a givin
Maybe one day for this no surely I’ll be makin a livin
Expressin my rhymin skills hopefully my people would get it
You see… The yellow brick road's the path that I’m followin
While tryna spread the way to live which is the meanin of Solomon
I’m advanced while you a neandethal like Mike lou and og
I can see clearly now the rain is gone while you still stuck in the fog
My Knowledge eggs in ya head like nits
I have either the Y or My dog Mack eat you up like Kibbles and bits
Only person that smokes is ruthless, careless and is blatantly a fool
Why would you wanna stay gassed up till the end like Bruno and Schmuel
People try to bridge suicide with the fact that life isn’t fair
To try to rip themselves out just like a catfight does hair
It’s Corey no surprise E’s the best but when they're gone he’ll CRY
But see that’s the way his life goes when his day goes by
Still pay attention to the signs of the man, I’m a diamond in the sand
My styles from beyond but you can’t tell the difference on a beach full of rhinestones
Everyday I wake you see me lookin so serious I know you’re so furious
But as to why that is I’m always getting so curious
You see I forgave you niggas more than ninety nine times
They say curiosity killed the CAT but I still got nine lives
You see forever I’ll look to the sky for my savior
Pray and ask him for forgiveness for my sinful behavior
I’m guided by the light and my Elders always tell it to me
My baby should have the universe but God won’t sell it to me
These rhymes just pop into my head
Never once have I planned em
This is the day in the life of my mind
But the rhymes are at random

by Corey Threet

Comments (6)

You indeed are the manuel of success! Very well written!
That was really good. Love the rhyming and the random things that you slipped in. Definitely a 10.
wow Corey you display solid talent here I love your write--there so much randomness here
As I read this I thought this fellow needs to put this to music.I'm not into rap but I can see this set to a tune.You are a very good rhymer, much enjoyed.
A good attempt to express oneself and one's self. You are writing well. English is more in American style..
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