CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.8 (C) 9-5-09

Most would call it spittin but I call it vomit rhymin
Awed again by Lu when I heard Conflict Diamonds
Me bein a hypocrite I guess I’m conflict rhymin
The gleam is just a gleam all things can be taken
A Dream is just a dream even the fools will awaken
See I’m at a calibur with my soul that I got it on edge
You getting fooled for the bear like over the hedge
It’s nonsense when you open the wedge
Tryin to think when a man loves a woman like Percy Sledge
I tripped on the rift again six times and counting
Looking for eternal youth takin sips from a fountain
Again I’m doubtin my ways again I fall out
Yellin the Slowtard creed like when the Ethiopian mates call out
Lol Welches make the roof of my mouth smack
It’s oh so good I think its wantin my mouth back
I figure that if a figure figures figuring only figures more
Then a trigger that’s triggering triggers only triggers more
It’s a disastrous cycle that builds away citizens
I’m sorry here I go again with the pointless riddlin
Well no its not pointless but no one seems to get it
Like how in most of my poems and raps there’s a message but I hid it
I got a few fit its and I can fit it I just don’t want to fit in so I throw a fit and
Show the people I am a fingerprint always keepin my path lit and
Make my way to the top like the Ice climbers in the game
Keep this rhymin in my name Nas and Common will do the same
It’s fair that I share with the world the theories of a genius
I keep it straight with the women and my private makes me from Venus
But Nin is my home land and the security is tight
Cloaked off the radar and only catch my fury at night
Oh God you won’t get that either unless you took a breather
Looked into the moon but that probably wouldn’t help either
Well I’m not tryin to be cool I’m gettin like Mercury
And row men through the desert while trickin Hercules
But I don’t see why niggaz be scrappin and things
With this trash that they sing he fly without flappin his wings
But with his actin it seems he’s exactin the scene
Like Janet Jackson in scream we see all the action with green
You see these rhymes just pop into my head
Never once have I planned em
Unfortunaely this is a day in the life of my mind
But the rhymes are at random

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With 2 generations between us, I am still able to understand most of your writing, which surprised me. Yor are a very good writer.