CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 2.0 (C) 9-29-09

Don’t get mad in high noon when you climbin that mega mountain
With three ninjas starin you down
I might be a little foul without swears
A little kind without care
But no matter what its not smart to be standin around
I found my callin its this rap stuff
Tryna make me tough
But its nothin hard bout reppin the “Ruff Buff”
A little short-sided and soft too
In the shuttle bloody waitin to take off too
Hawkin up phlegm it sound like I’m killin myself
They banished me only cause I was feelin myself
I’m guessin they liked better the depressed me
So if it’s a crime to try to be stress free
Then arrest me
Fry me on the chair that’s how it best be
I used to be the focus now I’m the vanishin point
But even when you can’t see me it’s funny how I still make a cube
Perfect artistry Da Vinci never stepped to my shoes
OMG never ever whether weather’s better
Shredder get her together fed her line Cheddar
Better tell her never ever forever wreck her
Check her deck her check her checker’s checker
Cause I can no longer be fed another box of promises
Without chocolate it makes me wanna vomit this
All the mucus in my throat and in the bridge of my nose
Maybe it’ll be better the sooner I depart I suppose
Nigga these rhymes just pop into my head
Never once have I planned em
This is a day in the life of my mind
Why would they try to brand em
They’re all at random

by Corey Threet

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