A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 2.1 (C) 9-29-09

If you licked my heart it would poison you
Feelin like a vendin machine people slide a coin in you
I love history but wish my past would just erase
So maybe I can wipe off the permanent tear tracks on my face
Again this world keep us busy feedin us lies to stay alive
Turnin us to robots unheartedly filter out all the cries
Sterilize the children plan their parenthood forever
Let the bergers live above us while we work for em together
Marching together 2030 strong, old, elite
Leave us lookin like podiatrist facin defeat
Seven Eleven mobile gassed up niggaz I put an X on
You loco I’m no show no co. can feel me press on
Light the match and watch grey jeans burn like a phoenix
Love my lovers more than Valerie and Peter Enis
So everything I say I am is an opposite in itself
So seein me would be the same thing but top it with stealth
My life is complain free with no hurt and I don’t fret
I like how you see I’m getting richer the younger I get
Nope I forgot I’m not suppose to lie and don’t think that I clown
But why should I be happy when even the rainbow is a frown
Poised for the madness the sadness leaves me in sorrow
Waitin for the day when I actually can’t wait for tomorrow
Because apparently it’ll bring a better you and a better me
But first before that happens we gotta show the world who we can be
Or is it who I can be, no don’t look at me selfish
Sometimes I crack just like shellfish
But don’t you hear the Lobster cry when it’s cookin,
Unbearable crying is annoying but I beg for my tears
Still paying attention to the signs passing away through the years
These rhymes just pop into my head
Sadly I don’t ever plan em
This is a nightmare inside my mind
But the rhymes are at random
They’ll never brand em

by Corey Threet

Comments (3)

was this a dream or did you wake up this intense? youre awesome.
Dear Corey I have gone thru this poem I liked it Rgds Nooruddeen
MMM.....Interesting... nice choice of words i like it^^ and tell me bout it your mind like chaos...i totally understand keep writing one at a time :)