CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 2.3 (C) 10-19-09

You already know this is Xeniyah coming to you directly
Intangible it could only take Jesus Christ to wreck me
Smoother than Bogart a baby's booty and Pepe Le pew
Michael Jackson in a white suit with the square root of two
Never miss like swift the move Pikachu use
Sparkin the revolution like lightening through
The killer of mankind progressively steppin
I'm settin off alarms like when the Mask crept in
Niggaz is infants so scared they suffer from SIDS
Slumberers is dead sleepin the case of deceased kids
A DTM boulder
Takin you out by the shoulder
The 5th dimension niggaz see I'm colder
Stay down cause I'm the worst part of wakin up opposite of Folgers
In ya cup
I tear it up
Pissin off all opponents that try to bare this stuff
Set fire to my wire tired I'm infinite
Master of the skies Zeus can see I'm omnipotent
Crash into the swamp like a value jet
Burrow from a crimson niggaz don't have value yet
Not afraid of intimacy cause I climbed outta caesarian
I have higher moral standards but I'm strictly vag-atarian
I'm harder than sign language fingerless
I know of only one other nigga that can think of this
Watches broke from my wrist and I can tell you I quit
But not entirely when I realized its face was in my fist
Ignorance is bliss but I'm not happy with this
And to get the gist you'd have to correctly interpret my list
Into a new age and from continuous research ya left in a cist
I just don't get it I'm like Bullseye but a daredevil takin a risk
Undeniably extraordinary but how can I be a misfit if I never miss
Always dead on not an O'Neal shot and not a Ms. nor a misses
I don't like to brag but I don't think there's anything as hot as this is
Lot of allusions many may think I steal but cut me some slack
I aint steal I borrowed with the intent of givin it back
We still know who the best is and questions are not punctuations
Keep my ears glued to the non abusive sounds of the funk you stations
My mind swerves and words pop into my head
Never once have I planned them
This is a day in the life of my mind
But the lines are at random

by Corey Threet

Comments (2)

Wow. I will be honest with you, because I think you deserve that. I liked reading your work, until your use of the N word, which I don't believe is ever appropriate in any sense. I refused to continue reading since I saw that that was not the first time that word was used in the poem. I will try to read other works of yours, and I do hope that they have a higher standard of class. Also, from reading the part of this poem I read, as well as your biography, I think you should work on punctuation, especially since your work seems really well written. It is a great distraction when there is no punctuation in a piece, everything seems to run together and you never know when to pause. Best Regards, Em Jay
these seem if random too be fine lines to me..iip