A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 2.7 (C) 1-6-10

I’m standin with the cult of personality in living colour
Next to my man I got Huey’s back I wish I could save my brother
Keep adding the riddles and leavin dudes in suspense
Stand tearin up ya brain without makin any sense
I can’t help the way my body goes its idle without restraint
You niggaz can’t see me like invisible paint
But if you try to see me like hollow man painted in blood
I’ll use the same method to drown you niggaz in the flood
The most high of my species I’m shining down on the star
Not the best but these niggaz be bossier than a r
I’ll change that make their ear listen now can you see y
Give you a minute to catch my drift like Tokyo and the anime guy
Got my fist held high until one of these niggaz corpse us
But not until we have the body like the Writ of Habeas Corpus
Young with division signs in my eyes all my foes are feeble
I pursued happiness cause I thought all men are created equal
Fountain Hughes knew Thomas Jefferson was a liar
Cause he had slaves too matter fact maybe an extreme buyer
Keep up in my modern skills again my enemies named me Plight
Don’t close my eyes I’m a blinker left down now I stand upright
My figure is significant you down right crazy if it’s left up to you
Look at me Lu you see how far I’m getting as I kept up to you
These rhyme just pop into my head
Never once have I planned em
This is a day in the life of my mind
But the rhymes are at random
Now you can’t stand em

by Corey Threet

Comments (3)

I love this! Your words re awesomely great, i thing its a very nice poem. keep going, good luck.
Intense, Its Wonderful... Never Found A Good Rapper/Poet, Inspired By Some Amazing Artists! Keep Writing!
wow strong and enjoyable :)