CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 3.0 (C) 5/23/2010

You couldn’t see me with microscopes starin into binoculars
And they zoom into a telescope come on people I got at ya
My knuckles reveal tales that sonic boom like Guile
Then stride or hear you “aying” under my dynastic style
Shaolin, without smilin, a different way of the fist
I can’t really find anything else that relayin with this
Except for knowin that I get out of my phrasin the kicks
Of knowin I’m swimming my way through Styx
The dead souls arose poking out their nose, no sense of breathin
Even without the air they cry away like when a baby is teethin
And I’m not teasin, just tryin to see how many get to believin
Because if you can see past the outward meanin then in my eyes you are seein
Every truth I ever told, every lie I have exposed
All of the meaningless phrases from many’s devilish prose
And to propose that you know and accept just goes to show
That I’m not the only “insane” human that this world knows
See I hopped in an average homeboy like Denny Blaze
Then my novice status broke fast like the start of Denny’s days
So when I blast back they aint gon have nothin to say
Take em away I ripped him like a Paper Mache
These rhymes just pop in to my head
Never once have I planned em
This is a day in the life of my mind
But the design is what banned em

by Corey Threet

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