Leaflets From My Life - Snorkelling In Havelock Island

There are moments in one's life,
Truly wondrous and joyous,
To me, it has always been with Nature,
Taking me to a realm of heavenly heights!

They talk of heaven above the sky,
They talk of a space where angels sing,
They talk of an area where only saints live,
To me! Earth is the ultimate place of a throbbing life!

When I went snorkelling in Havelock island,
With my darling daughter Radhika,
We discovered that there is a lovely life under
Water, mesmerizing and fantabulous!

What we saw was breath-taking and beautiful,
When we floated under the emerald green sea,
When the ocean displayed hues so incredible,
We even forgot that we were not swimmers at all!

What a fantastic burst of colours and designs!
We were charmed by a variety of Invertebrates,
We floated like in a dream between corals and coral reefs,
Wonderful, magical moments under the sea of Nemori island!

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

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Hello, Peter! This is the first poem of yours that I've read, I think. Not much for wild rats, but I share your sympathy for this poor thing. Well-written observation. I will be back for more!
Peter Rats well I can take them or leave them/ I just could not leave this one. great poem cheers Sylvie
Poor thing. I dunno why ppl hate rats, , but they are cool creatures. It's a good one Peter. Nice poem.
Poor old thing - I hate rats but this one gained my sympathy
Did you put it out of its missery? I myself have seen a mouse, which showed no signs of tumor but it was in an awful way and acted quite peculiar! I tried to save it for a while but no help I could give it. So then I freed it once again and farewell I did bid it! Sorry, couldn't help myself! xx SG
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