A Ravenous Beast

A Ravenous Beast

I search though the night
I search through the day
For the one I need
I need him now

In which electricity flows through me
On the storm cloud
And I can’t understand, what takes him so long
The pain hurts; it’s hurt for so damn long

I need him now
Where is he?
I can’t understand
What’s going on with me?

In my eyes shadows move
A dark light moving fast
Looking for the one
Who can tame me?

Someone strong enough to handle me
Love is something he doesn’t lack
Tolerant enough
As if I was clawing his back

My hearts beating quickly
My instincts going sharp
I laugh in the night sky
And all I have to say is
“Get ready My Love, this is going to be fun”

by tierra fisher

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I like this The Darkness Of a breakup But then at the end it has a nice positive flow and it leaves you wanting more