A Razor-Line Twilight

Poem By O.S. Brooks

Her heart must feel heavy
Like granite
On the wings of a caged-bird
Fighting for freedom
And I
I wonder how the world must feel
Pain and Sorrow
Hunger and Dread
Draining her energy
Killing her soft spirit

Her song must move mountains
High as the eagle flies
With it's bleak sadness
And I
Listen as she sleeps
While her sons
Are locked down for the night
Facing dreams I'll never know
And time I can't imagine

She's all that I've got
In this get rich or die trying worlderness
Where vision is clouded by greed
And wisdom is purchased on-line
And I
Pace the four corners of my room
Wondering how
The world
Must cope
With such pain
Such dread
And such sorrow

Her heart must feel heavy
Like granite
As the sun awakens
Throwing light into the visiting room
Bringing dried up tears on make-up to life
An embrace
A last goodbye
And I
Sing along to caged-bird trageties
Sung low in my ear

Her song must move mountains
High as the eagle flies
And when I hear her sing
I am reminded of a brighter yesterday
The paths that I choose
To get here
The life that I created
To live mine
Still I
Wonder How
The world
Must rise
Each new day
Carries such strong regret

I watch the chemical skyline
A few will make it
Out of the 'razor-line' system
But many return
I want to do more
But I have not enough strength
To carry any other soul but my own
I sit up
Watching the clock
Filled with a certain sadness
That follows me to bed

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