(26 March,1978 / Charaihatee; Mohangonj; Rajibpur.)

A Real Patriot (Epic)

The patriots are generally seen
In loving country
Loving nation
Thinking bigger of both
Laboring harder for both
Materializing the dreams
More than
They love own home
Own things, own region
Own family, own man
They are remembered
By their nation generally;

But a real patriot is rare seen
Whose birth is for the nations
To love, to lead the way to love
To save, to lead the way to save
Even in life danger
He thinks of other,
Not only for here
But for hereafter,
Some people may misunderstand
With patience them he tries guide,

He not only thinks of the country
And the nations
A multi virtues tree
But takes urgent care of it
Up to catch fruits
For all to enjoy the labored fruits
He is remembered
By all the nations especially.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza | 1/29/2017

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Tang na mo
Greatly written on who is real patriot and who was a great patriot exemplifying qualities to be followed forever, outstanding
Add a comment.what a great one
Great written on real and great patriot, loved
Patriots are reducing in number. This may be due to the world is shrinking to a small place.
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