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A Real Person And Friend

Are you really real?
Or are you a lie?
Your words, do they have meaning?
Or are they empty words and evil lies?
Your actions, do they have meaning?
Or are they acts of greed and acts to hurt?
Your feelings, do they have meaning?
Or are they fake and belong to someone else?
Your love, does it have meaning?
Or is it fake and when you say I Love You, does it have meaning?
Never hide your feelings for someone.
If you truly like or love someone, tell them.
They MIGHT share the same feelings.
If they don't, they might not be real.
They tell you she/he loves you but it can be empty with no meaning.
They think you believe in their words.
But it can be so obvious, they're fake.
Watch out for the fake people and tell the real people how you feel.

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