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A Real Sellout
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Real Sellout

A Real Sellout

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, September 5,2010, @ 11: 16 AM

It's for you these words I write

I hope you sleep well at night

My name your words now smear

For you, I won't even shed a tear

Are you happy with the decisions you've made?

What about the friends you've betrayed?

What about the lies you've told?

What about the friends you treated so cold?

At least my conscience is clear

To your friends, you were never sincere

You were a friend I once held near

Your cries in the night no one will hear

About yourself is all you care

One day you will end up in total despair

You are mixed up in a dirty affair

Shame is the price you shall bear

Deceitful and spinning a web of lies

You and the Devil are true allies

You will come to your own demise

For prudence, you will never exercise

So Many years friendship wasted

Bitter fruits are now being taste

For you, I don't hold any malice

Any care once held is now callous

My mistake was thinking you were a friend

I thought on you I could depend

I had thought that you were a godsend

I suppose that was all just pretend

This I do without any apprehension

Stricken now your name I shall no longer mention

You are foul, crude, and cannot be trusted

For now, of you, I am feeling disgusted

Money is where you've found your happiness

Your heart one day shall feel the sadness

Wondering through life you trod aimless

You've proven that you are truly classless

Thanks for the lookout

You tried you best I doubt

Now I now what you're all about

You truly are a real sellout

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Rudyard Kipling


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