A Real Touch

All this talk and all this wait
All these smiles counterfeit

Connecting through wires and cords
Typed letters... or real words?

All this time, all this while
All these papers in exile

A real smile... not recently used
A real smile... although confused

A real touch... and real embrace
Real love with all its grace

Aching fingers... typing slow
Eyes aching... from the monitor’s glow

Forgot what the sun looks like?
Forgot fun... and mountain hike?

Come out of your virtual world
Twisted lies... and half truth gnarled

Can you type what your eyes say?
Or the feeling when I touch you this way?

Can I ever TYPE your blush?
Or the song of a whistling thrush?

Love letters written with ink and pen
The joy they speak of... and the pain

And thus you return to reality
Can you substitute my love... or me?

by Saurabh Som

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nice, liked the can i type your blush, enjoyed the read smiffy