UP ( / India)

A Realization

When silence speaks
A thousand tongues,
My words can speak
But one.

And though my heart can
sense Eternity,
Beating in tandem
with yours-
Why do my eyes seek
And probe
And question?

The Language of Love
Perhaps, is one
I need to understand;

And Still shall I be
I know, when I
Permeate and flow
As water-
As Life.
When I meet you
Where you have always been.

In me.

by Usha Pisharody

Comments (5)

Silence is heartfelt, words can not express it, good poem, i liked reading it
A poem that actually touches deep within and resonates there in...the notes above say everything..And your feelings deserve it.
a silent speech...a silent probe very nice poem to read congrats, usha
a joy to read penned extremely well
vry good poem my 10