A Really Deeply Human Process

The dark night is then
really a deeply human process,
in which the self
which is so firmly established
upon the supernatural plane,
which thought itself to be so spiritual
is forced to turn back,
to leave the light,
and pick up those qualities
which it had left behind.

Only by the transmutation
of the whole man
can Divine Humanity be formed.

The formation of this Divine Humanity,
the remaking of man
is the mystic's only certain
ladder to the Real.

by Genova Maaa my mother

Comments (1)

'The Dark Night' is truly a very acute human procedure in which 'The Self', solidly entrenched on the spiritual footing, having believed itself to be so mystical, is compelled to turn back and depart from the light, resuming those attributes it left behind. Only through the metamorphosis of the complete man/woman can union with the divine be established. The development of this divine union through the remodelling of man is the mystic's only assured stepping stone to 'The Real'.