Still Their

How long have you been there?
waiting and watching my mess.
I can never tell your spite,
from your love & tenderness.

Sometimes I think of you,
just here for the entertaining view.
When I feel everything shiny and new,
nobody else wants me too.

I see all of the things,
you pretend too.
How long have you thought,
you were free to?

You didn't even bother,
to tell me what's next to do.
Not at least like you,
almost always like to.

We are always young,
compare two tomorrows.
Always dance with those you love.
Please don't ignore,
their shadows and sorrows...

by Dead Beat Poet

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a nice and healthy receipe you suggest...poem educative and motivational...10
A good recipe indeed! makes for interesting reading.
Rajaram Ramachandran your words of wisdom are very uplifting. 2007 blessings, Ana Monnar
This is so true! ! And very well said.. Becca
salam how ru...i read ur poem really its v nice...i thought i also right poems like u.... allahfiz tc