A Recipe For A Good Destiny

A Thought
Leads to,
A Desire.

A Desire,
Leads to,
An Action.

An Action,
Leads to,
A Habit.

A Habit,
Leads to,
A Character.

A Character,
Leads to,
A Destiny.

A bad thought,
Nip it,
At its bud.

A good thought,
Nurture it,
As I said.

Your thought of a drink,
Kindles a desire,
For a peg.

Your desire for a peg,
Takes you,
To the bar.

Your visit to the bar,
Leads you,
Drink a peg.

Your first peg in the bar,
Makes you,
A habitual visitor.

Your character,
As a regular visitor,
Names you, a drunkard.

As a drunkard you're,
The day isn't far,
For your rest in the grave.

A thought of the Lord,
Creates a desire,
To see Jesus.

A desire to see Jesus,
Leads you,
To the nearest Church.

Your visit to the Church,
Makes you,
A habitual visitor.

Your habitual visit to the Church,
Converts you,
A devotee of the Lord.

You're, as a servant of the Lord,
Destined to His abode,
On the day of judgment.

Now, you know the recipe,
Of your own destiny,
To keep you ever happy.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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a nice and healthy receipe you suggest...poem educative and motivational...10
A good recipe indeed! makes for interesting reading.
Rajaram Ramachandran your words of wisdom are very uplifting. 2007 blessings, Ana Monnar
This is so true! ! And very well said.. Becca
salam how ru...i read ur poem really its v nice...i thought i also right poems like u.... allahfiz tc