A Recurrent Theme

Poem By Chuck Audette

a recurrent theme
in my life
is how my job
causes such strife

it's not what i want
but it's pretty good
but I'd rather be playing
out in the woods

I'd rather be farming
or sailing the seas
than feeling this air-
conditioned breeze

exploring a cave
or diving a wreck
it'd be worth it
to risk my neck

but is it wiser
that instead I am here
with computer and chair?
or is it just fear?

the older you get
the less you can do
I'd like people I've met
to not say 'who? '

Now it is noon
a chance to bike ride
or kayak or jog
but inside I still hide.

Gotta look like I'm working
gotta put in the time
but my soul has snuck off
and left me here to rhyme.

Comments about A Recurrent Theme

the older you get the less you can do I'd like people I've met to not say 'who? ' Such a joy. Thanks for doing something wonderful with the truth of “old age” by putting it in rhyme for us to appreciate and enjoy. If we live, we all will get there some day.
'Wish this was not true, I really do. Look over the partition, I'm writing poems right next to you.
I can relate to this one! I'm much happier when I'm out driving around...flipping on a siren for an adrenaline rush...than when I'm stuck inside doing mounds of paper work! ! Hugs, Dee
Love this Chuck, it could be the swansong of so many of us on here! ! ! That last stanza sums me up to a tee! ! Fab. HG: -) xx
It is very difficult to be raised to get up and go and then walk into a work world that says sit down and stay put. But at least the escape key can open the door to your time machine.

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