A Recurring Past. Or (De-Ja-Vu In E Minor)

Past umphle and some scatter beans

Past tickly cough we pass.

A grumble through the chorley wood

To breed a better rash.

Past arsewiffe with a whopper club

Past bramble burt and bibby.

A farple for old fortitude

To sing the Doo-Wah-Diddy!

Crave not for little Jeremy

A blister on his soresight.

Go butter up the khaki tin

And wave for Queen and kite.

Re-muse the giddy pumpkin.

A smile turned upside down,

For better bread and smutter

We chortle like a clown.

by Wayne Riley

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Crave not for little Jeremy. A blister on his soresight. Beautifully composed poem shared on. Really nice one.